dicembre 2008

We started to publish our customers’ pictures wearing MEB creations in our section 100%.
Enjoy them!

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Today at 3pm SLT is  the Great Opening of the Gravel Market at Second Parma,  where  MEB Fashion opens also its new store.

This way, MEB supports  the land built by that nice Italian city to share its heritage.

Join us directly clicking   HERE http://slurl.com/secondlife/Monslab/60/102/25/


piublogThe Roma Book Fair ‘Più libri’ pay relevant attention to Second Life in its section più Blog. A lot of events are held with full media coverage in Italy, like that privide the nationwide channel RAI.TV. Among them, a Pannel discuss on Second Life fashion, lead by Patrizia Blessed and the reknwoned builder and blogger Micalita Writer ( http://micalitasl.blogspot.com/ ), will count on  MariaElena Barbosa as one of the stylist sharing their vision about SL creation. The vent will be broadcasted on next Sunday, 7th, at 9 AM SLT (6 pm in Italy) both to the RL and SL Book Fair main site.

You can follow it from: http://piublog.splinder.com/